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The Yellowjackets Discography

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Label: Mack Avenue Records
Catalog Nº: MAC-1058
Year Released: 2011

Producer(s): Yellowjackets

Credits: Russell Ferrante, keyboards; Jimmy Haslip, bass; Bob Mintzer, saxophones and bass clarinet; Will Kennedy, drums and keyboards; Robben Ford, guitar (on "Magnolia"); John Daversa, trumpet (on "Tenacity" and "Like Elvin")

Track Listing:

  1. Why Is It
  2. Tenacity
  3. Rosemary
  4. Timeline
  5. Magnolia
  6. A Single Step
  7. Indivisible
  8. Like Elvin
  9. My Soliloquy
  10. Numerology
  11. I Do

The newest release from Yellowjackets celebrates 30 years together as one of the premiere "rhythm and jazz" groups performing today. With Will Kennedy back in the fold, Timeline finds the Jackets in top form on eleven new tracks.

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