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      »  3 nights @ Ronnie Scotts, London

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Joined: 20 Nov 2011
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PostPosted: Sun 11/20/11 07:39 pm
Subject: 3 nights @ Ronnie Scotts, London
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Hi Russ,
Mike McEvoy here -: I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was one of the guy who spoke to you briefly after the 1st show on Friday at Ronnies. I had been to all 3 nights at Ronnies...
I hope you enjoyed the London audience - they're usually pretty restrained, but I think you guys loosened them up a bit!
You're probably still decompressing and catching up with home life after your UK dates, but I thought I'd touch base.
If you have some chill time late one night, and want to try some relaxing audio ambiance, maybe you'll give my CD a spin: 'Terra Cognita'.
I'd love to hear what you think of it...

I've been getting into 'TIMELINE. A great collection of tunes! And it was brilliant to hear some of them live a Ronnies.
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