FAQ Page

Q: When is the next album coming out? 

A: Watch our home page for the latest information. We’ll usually post it there first, and often accompany it with a post in our BuzZ Forum.

Q: When will Yellowjackets be touring, or coming to ________? 

A: The place to find this information will be in our Itinerary. All known Yellowjackets appearances, both individually and as a group, will appear in the Itinerary, and are added to the website as they’re scheduled. Late-breaking news may be posted to our BuzZ Forum.

Q: Can Yellowjackets play a concert in ____________? 

A: Please remember that the band members have little or no say in where they will appear. Appearances are handled through their booking agent, whose job is to coordinate their schedules to avoid time conflicts, and ensure that their equipment ends up where they are playing at! And as it often happens, venues are not sometimes available for the band to play in a given city on a certain date. The Jackets make every effort to visit as many corners of the world as they can, but the booking agent ultimately determines at which locations and venues they’ll play at.

Q: Where can I buy older, or the latest, Yellowjackets CDs? 

A: On the left hand side of all website pages is a link to The BuzZ Store. Check it out! We offer many out-of-print Yellowjackets recordings for sale, recordings by individual band members (including Bob Mintzer’s Big Band), wearables, and music books.

Q: Do you offer any items autographed by the band? 

A: Our BuzZ Store offers autographed copies of current CDs.

Q: Is there Yellowjackets sheet music or music books available? 

A: Our BuzZ Store lists all currently available music books that contain Yellowjackets materials. Also, individual Jackets members have music study books listed in the catalog, which are excellent for improving musical technique.

Q: Can I e-mail band members directly? 

A: Your best best is to post a message in the BuzZ Forum. Yellowjackets check the board regularly and respond as needed. And it’s a great place to share information–your question may also be on the minds of other fans around the world, and they’d like to read the responses also!

Q: Will one of the Yellowjackets give private tutoring? 

A: You’re welcome to post a message in the BuzZ Forum to inquire.

Q: Technical: Why don’t pages display properly in Netscape? 

A: It is known that Netscape 4.7x version browsers are non-standards compliant with the W3C. More specifically, Netscape chose not to conform to the standards set forth in the CSS (cascading style sheets) documentation by the World Wide Web Consortium (aka W3C). Unfortunately, there are still a handful of users out there who have these non-compliant browsers, and the only cure is to upgrade to a better browser. Your best bet is to download the latest Netscape, Firefox or Opera, which are all free standards-compliant browsers.

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