Club Nocturne (1998)

Club Nocturne

Warner Brothers 47031-2
Released: 1998

Producer(s): Yellowjackets


Russell Ferrante, keyboards
Jimmy Haslip, basses and vocals
William Kennedy, drums
Bob Mintzer, soprano and tenor saxohphone, bass clarinet and EWI

Guest vocalists: Kurt Elling, Brenda Russell, Jonathan Butler; Gino Vannelli (on Japan-only CD release)


  1. Spirit of the West (R. Ferrante) 
  2. Stick_to_it_ive_ness (R. Ferrante) 
  3. Up From New Orleans (B. Mintzer) 
  4. The Evening News (R. Ferrante/W. Kennedy/B. Mintzer) 
  5. Even the Pain (R.Page) 
  6. Love and Paris Rain (R. Ferrante/W. Kennedy/B. Russell) 
  7. The Village Church (R. Ferrante) 
  8. Twilight for Nancy (R. Ferrante/J. Haslip) 
  9. Automat (R. Ferrante/J. Haslip) 
  10. All is Quiet (B. Mintzer/K. Elling) 
  11. Living Inside Myself (G. Vannelli) (Japan-only bonus track) 


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