Dreamland (1995)


Warner Brothers 45944-2
Released: 1995

Producer(s): Yellowjackets


Russell Ferrante, keyboards
Jimmy Haslip, basses and vocals
William Kennedy, drums
Bob Mintzer, soprano and tenor saxohphone, bass clarinet and EWI

Chuck Findley, trumpet on “The Chosen” and “Father Time”, trumpet and trombone on “A Walk In The Park”
Luis Conte, percussion on “The Chosen” and “Small Town”
Bobby McFerrin, vocals and percussion on “Summer Song”


  1. The Chosen {Ferrante/Haslip} [4:59]  
  2. Blacktop {Ferrante/Haslip/Mintzer} [5:02]  
  3. Summer Song {Ferrante/Haslip} [6:35]  
  4. Small Town {Ferrante/Haslip} [6:31]  
  5. A Walk In The Park {Mintzer} [5:21]  
  6. Turn in Time {Ferrante/Haslip} [5:05]  
  7. Father Time {Mintzer} [4:39]  
  8. New Lullaby (for Gabriela) {Haslip/Ferrante} [4:34]  
  9. Dreamland {Kennedy/Haslip/Ferrante} [5:42]  
  10. Take My Hand {Kennedy/Ferrante} [4:31]  

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