Four Corners (1987)

Four Corners

MCA Records MCAD-5994
Released: 1987

Producer(s): Yellowjackets and David Hentschel


Russell Ferrante, keyboards
Jimmy Haslip, basses
Marc Russo, soprano and alto saxophone
William Kennedy, drums and percussion

Alex Acuña, percussion
Bill Gable, cello and percussion on “Wildlife”, vocals on “Sightseeing”
Brenda Russell, Alex Acuña, Diana Acuña, Bill Gable and Jimmy Haslip, vocals on “Wildlife”


  1. Out Of Town {Ferrante/Haslip} [5:02]  
  2. Wildlife {Ferrante/Haslip/Acuña} [6:03]  
  3. Sightseeing {Ferrante/Haslip} [5:52]  
  4. Open Road {Ferrante} [3:37]  
  5. Mile High {Ferrante/Haslip/Russo/Kennedy/Gable} [4:12]  
  6. Past Ports {Ferrante} [5:29]  
  7. Postcards {Ferrante/Haslip} [5:28]  
  8. Room With A View {Ferrante} [4:28]  
  9. Geneva {Haslip} [2:24]  
  10. Indigo {Ferrante/Haslip/Russo/Kennedy} [5:28]  


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