Mirage a Trois (1983)

Mirage A Trois

Warner Brothers 23813-2
Released: 1983

Producer(s): Tommy LiPuma


Russell Ferrante, keyboards
Jimmy Haslip, bass
Ricky Lawson, drums.

Richard Elliot, lyricon, sax on “Man In The Moon”
Robben Ford, guitar on “Top Secret”, “Goin’Home”, “Man In The Moon”, “Pass It On”
Mike Miller, guitar on “Elamar”, “Man In The Moon”, “Nimbus”, “I Got Rhythm”; Paulinho Da Costa, percussion
James Newton Howard, synthesizers
Randy Crawford, Yolan Fischer, Max Gronenthal, Bruce Hornsby, Bill Labounty, Brenda Russell, Marilyn Scott, Pauline Wilson, vocals
Anthony McShear and Scott Page, sequencer consultants on “Claire’s Song”


  1. Claire’s Song {Russell Ferrante} 
  2. Top Secret {Jimmy Haslip, Russell Ferrante, Ricky Lawson} 
  3. I Got Rhythm {George and Ira Gershwin} 
  4. Pass It On {Russell Ferrante} 
  5. Goin’ Home {Russell Ferrante} 
  6. Man In The Moon {Jimmy Haslip, Russell Ferrante} 
  7. Elamar {Mike Miller} 
  8. Nimbus {Russell Ferrante} 


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