Samurai Samba (1985)

Samurai Samba

Warner Brothers 25204-2
Released: 1985

Producer(s): Tommy LiPuma and Yellowjackets


Russell Ferrante, keyboards
Jimmy Haslip, bass
Ricky Lawson, drums/electric drums
Marc Russo, alto sax.

Carlos Rios, guitar
Michael Landau, guitar
Paulinho Da Costa, percussion
Bobby Caldwell, Marilyn Scott, Paulinho Da Costa and Carl Caldwell, vocals
Bobby Caldwell, lead vocal on “Lonely Weekend”
Paulo da Costa Jr., vocals on “Los Mambos”


  1. Homecoming {Ferrante} [5:13]  
  2. Deat Beat {Ferrante/Haslip/Lawson/Russo} [5:25]  
  3. Daddy’s Gonna Miss You (Ferrante/Haslip/Lawson/Russo} [4:33]  
  4. Sylvania {Ferrante/Haslip/Lawson} [4:14]  
  5. Silverlake {Ferrante} [5:45]  
  6. Lonely Weekend {Ferrante/Curiale/Lawson/Caldwell} [4:20]  
  7. Los Mambos {Ferrante/Russo/da Costa} [4:24]  
  8. Samurai Samba {Ferrante} [5:18]  

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